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We create value by building lasting partnerships with our clients based on quality, seamless integration with their operations and dependable, responsive service.
Seeking for quality inspection services? We provide quality inspection services at competitive price throughout Asia.

We provide high quality audit services in factory, technical and social areas at competitive price throughout Asia.

We offer value added services to our clients and get informed about the recommended grades, quantity and benefits, that follow when you services these.

QC Services
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Our Service Flow in Your supply chain

Our Service Flow in Your Supply Chain

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We offer personalized solutions and guarantee total quality at all levels of the customer relationship.

Why RAQC Services

RAQC Services is one of the best third party quality control company, providing inspection services, audit services, and assessment services throughout Asia.
We are an independent, impartial, apparent certified and licensed quality control company, working on your side to protect your business interests in the supply chain.
RAQC Services utilizes the firmest international standards ensuring product safety and regulatory requirements are met.
We guarantee to be at any factory in Asia within 48 hours. Clients are allowed to modify or cancel orders up until 3pm (India Time) the day before the scheduled inspection.
We deliver report on the time, the same day as the inspection. Every report includes details pictures; you see what the inspector sees.
We offer the highest quality inspections by employing engineers and specialists in their respective fields, coupled with in-depth training and strict internal audits.
Representing clients from over 1000 Brands, you can be confident RAQC Services will protect your brand and financial interest.
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Client's Testimonials

Thanks a lot for the audit. I thank you for the very objective job you have done and the exhaustive and very professional report.
PSC Manager
We want to thank you again for your excellent and thorough reports. We would never have found all of the deficiencies you reported, and feel that you have given us a certain amount of peace of mind this was money well spent.
Besim Dauti
Sales & Marketing
Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I appreciate all the detailed explanations both verbally and written which you provided me.
John Smith
Sales & Marketing

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