About Us

Royal Asia Quality Control Services firmly Known As RAW Inspection Services is an organization who can claim A category in the field of third party service provider organization. As per RAQC Services concept, service must be the complete satisfaction for service owner. RAQC Services does not believe in useless Propaganda about accuracy, quality and all, but RAQC Services trusts only in delivering/executing the service based on accuracy with compact result and on time to the valued customer. RAQC Services is committed to provide this personalized service to the all of RAQC Clients (Small, Medium and large all equal).

Royal Asia Quality Control Service is committed and selected for corruption and bribery free service provider. We have the frequent onsite monitor of our field executives (Inspectors & Auditors) and our recruitment is based on market results. In our organization we have policy of zero tolerance regarding any type of manipulation and integrity.

We are just a year old and left behind many years old small companies and today we are in front of big companies. Reasons are as below:

  1. Most efficient manner of working and reporting on time for the best decision for our customer.
  2. No robotic act on floor.
  3. Especial engenders (B. Tech. & M. Tech Graduate) with minimum 5 years work experience of their own field.
  4. We do not sale a bunch of paper with photo furnish. We believe to furnish our report by collecting accurate finding/information on the floor.
  5. We provide the best and safer service to our clients at a lower price in the same ground.
  6. RAQC suggests you all valuable customer first try our service, then trust to get more credibility about RAQC.

Royal Asia Quality Control services (Raw Inspection Service) is committed to ensuring quality control and customer satisfaction.

Mission & Vision

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations while providing safe working environment, maintaining the highest industry standards, and respecting the dignity of every employee.

  • Our mission is to provide reliable, repeatable service
  • Our commitment is to employ the best resources, technology and methods available today
  • Our investment in quality, service and efficiency comes from our focus on discipline, exceeding client expectations, and continuous improvement that drives productivity