Container Loading Inspection

Conduct 7 – Point interior and exterior inspection of ISO ocean container to verify the physical integrity prior to loading.

What is a Container Loading Supervision?

Every precaution should be taken to ensure proper inspections. Use your experience and judgment when inspecting ocean containers (ISO standard) to determine whether or not they are suitable for shipments. Please note that graffiti or inappropriate messaging on the interior of containers is not acceptable. Minor to moderate blemishes and damage are acceptable and considered normal. Look for structural defects that jeopardize the safety and security of people loading and unloading containers and those that compromise the Integrity of the products being transported.

What do we check during a Container Loading Supervision?

  1. Significantly bent/bowed posts, support beams or broken welds
  2. Door hardware in poor condition or working order that prevents seal and locking integrity
  3. Holes that allow light or external weather conditions into container
  4. Infestation, mold or residual cargo debris/dirt
  5. Condensation/standing water or wet floors
  6. Persistent odor or physical reaction such as watering eyes or coughing
  7. Defaced container markings or interior graffiti/inappropriate messaging

Please note that Illegal contraband can be stored in modified pallets, hidden within products or among boxes and can also simply be added to a shipment in a box, bag or other receptacle. Cargo container doors should seal completely and securely when shut. The container should be light-tight, which will also prevent entry of any external elements into the container while in transit. To ensure a satisfactory light tight seal, you can conduct a light test by observing the seal performance from inside a closed container. In addition, all door locking hardware (hasps, hinges, handles, bars, bolts, etc.) must be tested and be in good working order. When contracting with third party trucking companies to transport cargo, you must ensure that those organizations also inspect ocean containers and the vehicles (truck/tractor trailer) prior to delivering equipment to you. Please access the below link to the U.S. Customs & Border Protection website for a complete list of inspection criteria for truck/tractor trailers.

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