Client's Testimonials


Very Recommended Inspection Company

We are working with Royal Asia Quality Control Services for more than three years now.
Very satisfied with their service and all, very professional, reliable, and friendly.
Always available for inspection with short notice, detailed reports are being sent on time, always available for consultation and recommendation for improvement with our products and whatever we need.
Providing services across most types of industries.
If you looking for any inspection or other similar services in India, do not hesitate to use Royal Asia Quality Control Services, You will be in good hands - Guaranteed!
Idan Aloni
CEO | AA Products

MD Trading Feedback

Royal Asia Quality Control is a professional, organized and really helpful company.
Recently we had some issues with our supplier and RAQC is helping us a lot in finding a solution for the problem, in particular our contact Sanjay.
Fernanda Oliveira
Supply Analyst | MD Trading

Very Good and Reliable Quality Inspection

We were very satisfied with the way the quality inspection was conducted and with the result.
There were some unclear points in the report but in the end it did not matter because all products checked by RAQC were ok.
Angelika Kieran
Agent for Europe | Kyoto Rize Co., Ltd.
Thanks a lot for the audit. I thank you for the very objective job you have done and the exhaustive and very professional report.
PSC Manager
We want to thank you again for your excellent and thorough reports. We would never have found all of the deficiencies you reported, and feel that you have given us a certain amount of peace of mind this was money well spent.
Besim Dauti
Sales & Marketing
Thank you for a very thorough and professional inspection. I appreciate all the detailed explanations both verbally and written which you provided me.
John Smith
Sales & Marketing